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– No harassment, stalking, or excessive butting in to other people’s conversation, of any kind and because of anything, neither online or offline; also no person with a history of doing this online or offline on other platforms

– Nothing that is illegal in France or Germany

– No excessive posting (we’ve only paid for 5 toots per minute)

– No excessive advertising or self-marketing

– No corporate accounts

– No username parking if you don’t intent to use this platform (we have only paid for a limited number of users)

– Give credit where you can if you post other people’s stuff

– Post certain content with a content warning (CW button): e.g. sad, depressing or upsetting politics, especially US politics, anything that could offend, upset or trigger members of Typodon (for example but not limited to posts about font editors, capital-ß, MT, HP, ES, atmospheric type sketches, annotated font proofs, the Golden Section)


This set of rules may be added to at any time.
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