@kupfers That is a good question. I just had a quick look is Geßner/Hager’s famous 1740–45 Formatbuch series about printing. Done in Leipzig, in Fraktur of course. All of the instances of Auflage in the books seem to be set with an fl ligature to me. You can search the corpus for whatever other terms you think would be helpful! deutschestextarchiv.de/search/

@atilla … (few printers or typesetters in the late ’80s were in favor of the DTP tools he championed in PAGE, to name one example). I do think that he has become more reactionary over time. I should have listened to @kupfers and unfollowed him years ago, but this was the straw that broke my back, so to speak.

@atilla Most governmental regulation (which also includes banning things) is enacted via legislative majorities, against the prevailing popular will. Even his second tweet read as “go away, people don’t want this.” The changes will have to happen, and they WILL happen in his lifetime – in a way he will not like. I think that he might have viewed this process more positively a long time ago …

@kupfers Does he drive her there and back in his diesel?

German twitter, in a nutshell:

Person A: You know, studies show that a speed limit of 130 km/h on the Autobahn would cause fewer people per year to die from accidents, and it would also be better for the environment! We should institute a speed limit, like every other European country.

Person B: No! Banning things is never the answer. If you really feel that driving slower would help, then you can choose to do that yourself.

@tiro_j I hope you went to a bookstore, and then drank espresso. Or vice versa.

Our daughter has been keeping Bonnie up too much recently. But now she’s started binge-watching German TV shows. First she watched both of those Ku’Damm seasons, and now she’s halfway through Weißensee. She likes them, so maybe you should check them out? I assume that @kupfers approves.

The goody bag at the Berlin Letters conference is filled with more than a dozen high-quality pens, making this the best goody bag from any conference I’ve ever attended!

@kupfers I’m surprised that its designer did not add those letters as additional alternates into Helvetica Now!

@kupfers Buying books is my worst best procrastination activity!

@kupfers I have a blurb and an abstract I’m supposed to be writing, plus two article drafts that I have to edit this week, all with staggered deadlines, but still! I feel your pain. I went to a museum today instead. Telling myself it is for the best, in the long run.

“The book later recounts Gropius’s marriage to Ilse (later changed to Ise) Frank which, despite her affair with the Bauhaus typographer Herbert Bayer, was ultimately successful and enduring. Gropius’s ways of dealing with this crisis included going on a ‘naked picnic’ with Bayer, without Ise, and swimming with his rival in a rural lake.” This is going to be such a great book to read! theguardian.com/books/2019/mar

Oh mein Gott. Eine längere Umsteigezeit in Bitterfeld ist schon bitter!

Donnerstags isst das ganze Büro Döner. Seit einigen Wochen nennen wir den Tag Dönerstag

The best part of Typodon is that no one is trying to tell me how awesome the Adobe Fonts changes are supposed to be.

Hey, did you ever flip through Gebr. Klingspor’s type specimen brochures and wonder, “wow, how did their printing office do such a great job at this? Everything is clear and sharp and awesome.” Well, they made stereotyped plates, and printed from those. Now some lucky person can buy the plates used to print FOUR of the pages from the brochure made to advertise Rudolf Koch’s first typeface, the Deutsche Schrift, in 1910 – ebay.de/itm/Alte-Druckplatten-

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