German twitter, in a nutshell:

Person A: You know, studies show that a speed limit of 130 km/h on the Autobahn would cause fewer people per year to die from accidents, and it would also be better for the environment! We should institute a speed limit, like every other European country.

Person B: No! Banning things is never the answer. If you really feel that driving slower would help, then you can choose to do that yourself.

@kupfers @typeoff I understand the idea, but what age would that be? Asking for a friend who is slowly getting older...

@atilla @typeoff Not strictly a question of age, true, but I feel a huge disconnect with a majority of the 60+ and I’m not even young. How must teens and twens erst feel.

Some people also cling to their positions past retirement age and while I thought this a good idea in the past, I see it differently now. (Ask me for details over a beer :)

@typeoff Also, I am innocent and pure because my kid goes to the Fridays-for-Future demos 😤

@kupfers Does he drive her there and back in his diesel?

@typeoff his first question almost implies that, but that’s not what he is saying. And it really has nothing to do with his age.

@atilla Most governmental regulation (which also includes banning things) is enacted via legislative majorities, against the prevailing popular will. Even his second tweet read as “go away, people don’t want this.” The changes will have to happen, and they WILL happen in his lifetime – in a way he will not like. I think that he might have viewed this process more positively a long time ago …

@atilla … (few printers or typesetters in the late ’80s were in favor of the DTP tools he championed in PAGE, to name one example). I do think that he has become more reactionary over time. I should have listened to @kupfers and unfollowed him years ago, but this was the straw that broke my back, so to speak.

@typeoff @kupfers I can’t say much about the person. I disagree with some of what he says. I even disagree with the given statement even in my interpretation of it to some degree. I just thought the criticism was a bit too harsh. Also generalising the old-white-man stuff is discriminating.

@atilla @typeoff Just like alle Hesse sin Verbrescher denn sie klaue Aschebescher. I don’t think we shouldn’t be able to use generalizing statements just because they aren’t true for 100% of the group. Everyone knows they aren’t. Another German totallytruism: getroffene Hunde bellen

@atilla @typeoff Not wanting to imply you are! You get what I mean. And it’s true that this was a harsh statement but, as Dan said, it brought the Fass zum überlaufen for him. (Gosh, this is idiom day!) It’s embedded in a broader mindset he is exuding.

But now this horse is beaten to death I think.

@atilla @typeoff We should make it Idiom Week! Only allowed to speak in metaphors and stuff. 🙈🙊🙉

@typeoff I had to read it a couple times. It sounds like only the free market is democratic, which does sound very much like neoliberalism. But what he’s saying is: you have to act and convince, if you want a change to happen, because in a democracy you are always responsible for the state’s condition.
It is the thinking of a marketing guy and it is a bit shallow, you may even say he’s mansplaining, but it is not neoliberal or rejecting the idea to raise prices.

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