So, I told my account to redirect here. That means that I never have to check that feed again?

@letterror @typeoff
At least, from my account on the initial instance, your account is correctly labeled as "Account has moved to Typodon", like Indra's one.
(travelling from monoinstanced culture opens to exotic labels in the fediverse)

@typeoff @letterror there is also a migrate option in the old instance see (I hope the link works fine)

@typeoff @letterror I guess all new followers and toots on the old instance will be redirected to here

@typeoff @letterror you can also export your followers data and import it back here

@typeoff @letterror if your done: achievement unlocked and I give you an free point at coordinate 105, 403, which is a magnificent place for an oncurve

@typeoff @letterror if you unlock all achievements you get a fantastic new full features font, you just have to give it a name...

@typemytype @typeoff Would love to export my followers. I sure paid enough for them.

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