If you’re having thief problems I feel bad for you Dresden, but there are 99 kinds of stories and a fantastic art robbery is one.

Bonnie and I are spending four nights in Magdeburg for New Year’s, because that’s how we roll, actually.

German twitter, in a nutshell:

Person A: You know, studies show that a speed limit of 130 km/h on the Autobahn would cause fewer people per year to die from accidents, and it would also be better for the environment! We should institute a speed limit, like every other European country.

Person B: No! Banning things is never the answer. If you really feel that driving slower would help, then you can choose to do that yourself.

Our daughter has been keeping Bonnie up too much recently. But now she’s started binge-watching German TV shows. First she watched both of those Ku’Damm seasons, and now she’s halfway through Weißensee. She likes them, so maybe you should check them out? I assume that @kupfers approves.

The goody bag at the Berlin Letters conference is filled with more than a dozen high-quality pens, making this the best goody bag from any conference I’ve ever attended!

“The book later recounts Gropius’s marriage to Ilse (later changed to Ise) Frank which, despite her affair with the Bauhaus typographer Herbert Bayer, was ultimately successful and enduring. Gropius’s ways of dealing with this crisis included going on a ‘naked picnic’ with Bayer, without Ise, and swimming with his rival in a rural lake.” This is going to be such a great book to read! theguardian.com/books/2019/mar

Oh mein Gott. Eine längere Umsteigezeit in Bitterfeld ist schon bitter!

Donnerstags isst das ganze Büro Döner. Seit einigen Wochen nennen wir den Tag Dönerstag

The best part of Typodon is that no one is trying to tell me how awesome the Adobe Fonts changes are supposed to be.

Hey, did you ever flip through Gebr. Klingspor’s type specimen brochures and wonder, “wow, how did their printing office do such a great job at this? Everything is clear and sharp and awesome.” Well, they made stereotyped plates, and printed from those. Now some lucky person can buy the plates used to print FOUR of the pages from the brochure made to advertise Rudolf Koch’s first typeface, the Deutsche Schrift, in 1910 – ebay.de/itm/Alte-Druckplatten-

There are not enough breakfast burritos in my life.

Some sociologists should do a study to explain how it can be that the rebel children of the 60s, 70s, and 80s can’t deal with the criticism of anything when it comes from millennials on Twitter (and other social media … maybe some day also this one).

Wenn man zur Abendessenszeit im Kölner Hbf umsteigt und eine halbe Stunde dafür hat, wo gibt’s das bestmögliche Essen?

If you wanted to create a fake historical character involved in 19th century German typefounding, you would HAVE to name him Hermann Bauer. Why? Because of all the dudes involved, the most common first name was Hermann, and the most common last name was Bauer. Hell, there probably were six different Hermann Bauers working in German typefoundries already!

A very big portion of my life and energy has revolved around going to ATypI conferences, for the last 14 years or so, and now I am starting to get super stoked about next week. Very much looking forward to getting to see so many people that I only ever see every year or two or three. With TYPO Berlin having been killed off, these opportunities and moments feel more important to me than ever.

All I want when I take a train in Germany is to luck out and land in a Czech car, instead of a German one. Why? The Czech train service has free WiFi, too, but also one electric outlet per seat in 2nd class, and a USB outlet to boot. It is like riding in the 21st century, instead of of the 1990s.

French people must be like, “omg, why do Americans love the Marquis de Lafayette so much?!”

There is an architect’s office near work. Koch Architekten, they are called. But the type on the window is Futura and Helvetica, not Kabel. Disappoints me every time I walk by.

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