Things I have impulsively done during lockdown:
1. Shaved my head.
2. Bought an Alfa Romeo.

The forest is full of strange and wond’rous things.

My wife (paramedic) announces that if her station runs out of standard PPE, she will be responding dressed like this.

Spent the weekend making large quantities of easily preserved foodstuffs, and can I just say that pemmican is brilliant.

Gave my nom du café—Max—to the cashier, and suppose I had autocomplete to thank when the barista held up my espresso and asked 'Are you Maximum?'

Yes. Yes, I am.

Dreamed about a trade show for singer-songwriters wanting to break into the corporate events market. One of the featured attendees was a woman who’d made it big on the Christian Situationist circuit.

The southern tip of Vancouver Island, where my phone dinged me with a roaming charge on a US cell network.

Another in the Difficulty of Photographing Sunsets series.

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