Gave my nom du café—Max—to the cashier, and suppose I had autocomplete to thank when the barista held up my espresso and asked 'Are you Maximum?'

Yes. Yes, I am.

Dreamed about a trade show for singer-songwriters wanting to break into the corporate events market. One of the featured attendees was a woman who’d made it big on the Christian Situationist circuit.

The southern tip of Vancouver Island, where my phone dinged me with a roaming charge on a US cell network.

Another in the Difficulty of Photographing Sunsets series.

So the cat is wearing a collar, but given that we encountered each other unexpectedly during our independent adventures along the rocky shore, I am counting this as wildlife photography.

RIP Johnny Clegg
I vividly remember the impression Scatterlings of Africa made on me when I first heard it in the 1980s.

In Vancouver for the day, errands completed early, and it turns out I can't remember how to spend time in a city.

Thanks to a few moments inattention during which YouTube loaded an ad, I now have a Thomas Anders song stuck in my head and am thinking I should sue Google for mental anguish.

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