Bad news: the DIN working group will officially take on type classification (16518) again beginning of 2019 (after we finished type sizes).

Hit me up with your pet peeves and must haves but not too hard please. I have opinionated opinions enough on this topic.

On our way to a Mathieu Cartier lecture in Anvers.

Dear friends of ATypI, I won't be at the conference next week. But The Hague is close by and De Paas is open.

The Italics for Source Serif were just released, and I am very happy about it!

Syncing an audiobook to the kids’ ipad is a task that requires extreme concentration and the entire evening. If you think I’m kidding you have not tried.

So on each new server we have to make the same friends over and over until we get it right. Only then do we graduate to a new existence.


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