@typeoff @rutherford @Lutrinus I prefer the form to have a corner in the top left rather than a round because that is what makes it feel so alien among other caps.

I’m convinced Lucas’s survey is influenced mainly by what people have seen in the past years and the campaign by Stötzner, Herrmann et al. I’m missing a true, objective, comparative form discourse. In the end, the question of the fitting form should be decided by skilled type designers rather than the general public

@rutherford @Lutrinus I like the lc, very friendly (too friendly? Most grots have the Sulzbacher B-like form). Maybe a tad too much space on the right? Agree with what Lutrinus said about the uc. Still looks strange and different to our eyes because of that angle that is in no other letter but I have also not yet seen a cap-ß-form that I found more pleasing and truly fitting 🤷‍♀️

I am ready. I would love to attend a big fun type conference. Are there any on right now? Because when they are all happening at the same time in May/June and September I have no time or mind for it at all :/

@PixelAmbacht Is this the moment we have to revive the TypeNederweert idea?

@PixelAmbacht Oh, no no not Nutella plus Hageslag. It was some kind of Barilla, probably Gemelli, one of my favs.

@typeoff weird and as if we didn’t eat the “other” as well

What’s the difference between flesh and meat


Whoever prepared the playlists at Saarbrücken’s Christmas market deserves to be put on a lonely island for 30 years with nothing but a Heintje LP 😩

@typeoff Neo Royal Magazin (erste Hälfte) von gestern 👌👌

It’s Christmas time, there’s no need to be afraid. At Christmas time, we let in light and we banish shade 😎
And in a word of plentyyy we can spread a smile or joy or whatever throw your arm around the world at Christmas time. BUT say a prayer and pray for the other ohohohon. At Christmas time it’s hard okay you get the idea. 35 years ago!

Also, is it possible that the Tony Brezel chocolate is even more delicious than previously? Did they change the recipe or did I grab a particularly fresh exemplaar?

I just invented my disgusting new favourite food: pasta with hagelslag

Wirklich, wirklich toll, wie mit der Abstandsregelung zu Wohngebieten die Windkraft platt gemacht werden soll.

Um die eben retrötete Grafik aus der Rheinischen Post nochmal in Worte zu fassen:

Abstandsregelung zur Wohnbebauung von

* Kleintierkrematorien - 100 Meter

* Steinbrüche mit Sprengungen - 300 Meter

* Mülldeponien - 500 Meter

* Braunkohlekraftwerke und Feuerungsanlagen - 700 Meter

* Geplant: Windenergieanlagen - 1000 Meter.

Saarbrücken to FRA: 2,5 hours minimum, €35
Saarbrücken to CDG: 3 hours minimum, twice a day, €70
Saarbrücken to LUX: 2 hours, €9
Bonn to CGN: 40+ min, every 30 min, if you are lucky, €8,50

And I had to take a Public BUS to the airport! Not a train! It took more than 20 minutes but less than 30 and it was only 2,80 or less.

Like, WTF I waited more than 20 minutes at security because I chose a cheapo airline at the makeshift terminal on a day Lufthansa flight attendants are striking and thus everyone is trying to get on a cheapo-airline flight

Entitledte Großstädter, die einen internationalen Flughafen, an dem man nicht wartet, in unter 20 Minuten erreichen wollen aber bitte ohne den ganzen Lärm und Gestank! 🙄🙄🙄

Heute, highlight of my career so far. What a crazy day!

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