@typemytype sorry, seeing this just now. Social media overwhelm the last few days

@Typenerd Yes. Seeing the many successful pan-script collaborations of designers native in their respective scripts seem to prove that it’s possible even in large series. More often than not local designers surprised us with sensitive yet imaginative translations of existing Latin designs into entirely new forms. I think that is preferable to the “old” way of Western designers attempting to master all scripts with the occasional consultant who never gets appropriate credit, money or fame.

This is probably how weird and unjust it sounds to men when women demand some pieces of the cake, or even 50% how dare they. Why should I give them my job, my nice comfy position, my speaking slot, my interview. I need the money, too!

Why should we give type design jobs to designers native in these scripts? Because they may be from an underrepresented part of the industry, a less privileged region, or not white. Don’t we want more opportunities for people that are not white Westerners?

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Should Western/Latin type designers design for other scripts, too, or not better pass these jobs on to native designers? More controversial than I thought.

Imagine men made all products specifically used by and aimed at women. They educate women in making them but afterwards don’t let them make ’em themselves although they have the better/unique insight into how women use them. Men see that the latter is useful though so they occasionally let women consult on the work the men do. 🤔

@n8 Yes and yes! I have so many thoughts on this right now. We are working on ideas of “antifragile” publishing and distribution in school right now and channels and bottlenecks and gatekeeping come up all the time

’Cause the land of love and freedom
Is just a baby’s breath away
And if we hold hands together
We can bring back the USA

My phone suggests to offload the Deutsche Bahn app because I haven’t used it in two months 😭😭😭😭

@n8 @typeoff My guess is that Sassoon or others didn’t look beyond the academic EN literature around them? But there must also be English sign painting manuals that talk about spacing. Catherine Dixon or Phil Bains would know for sure. Or any of your Reading advisors.

@n8 @typeoff It’s large and heavy but easy to find. Sometimes you also get just the instruction manual without the sample sheets, or a smaller edition from the GDR. That would probably be better for you

@n8 @typeoff Lots of German lettering / sign-painting books talk about spacing. For instance Fred mentioned the Schenk manual in his article (the first manual I randomly bought in the early 1990s and that he saw) which has detailed illustrations. And so have most other sign manuals I came across.

@n8 Shouldn’t be too hard if you search for ‘Kaech’. I have a copy of that book at school. I don’t find it super special or awesome. What info do you need from it? Maybe @typeoff has it at home and could make some photos for you.

Ich habe eben einen Putzlappen gebügelt. So sieht’s aus 😭

Wann geht die Sonne unter, ich meine bis wann muss ich wach bleib💤

@letterror Definitely a Nena song. Either Kleine Taschenlampe brennt or Leuchtturm.

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