The best part of Typodon is that no one is trying to tell me how awesome the Adobe Fonts changes are supposed to be.

Last day in Bangkok 😢 I’m already scheming my next visit. Such a weird stressful awesome stinky tasty city!

Print (museum) people are awesome. Like Guy from Plantijn, Mark from LA, Dan from Wellington, Patrick from Letterkunde (and of course Catherine and me)

Catherine is taking all the wonderful pictures of our trip so I don’t have to.

A text replacement function on your phone that replaces every typed word with ‘sleep’ until, say, 7am *local* time.

I mean if the alternatives on your phone are Françoise Hardy, Doris Day and The Burning Hell.

Riding through South Korea on a train listening to the soundtrack of Darjeeling Limited. Close enough :)

Allegedly, my used extension User CSS does not work beyond Safari 11.1.2 because ‘not secure’ :cryyyyy:
Need tips what to use instead in Safari (besides the built-in option)

Thank god for user style sheets 🙌
No idea how you guys all can stand using Goomail in the browser.

Pulling some rarer used apps out of folders = more advanced travel imminent

Allerdings nur 50 MB am Tag, so please, web devs, be kind to me and make your sites as light weight as possible please 🙌

OH MEIN GOTT PEOPLE OF GERMANY!!!!! Mein RE, in dem ich mehr Zeit verbringe also sonst wo und der ausschließlich durch GPRS- und E-Land fährt, hat jetzt WLAAAAAN! Ich kann’s nicht glauben!

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