You could probably just rename university programs in "Graphic Design" to "Applied Adobe Patronage".

If you missed our Small is Beautiful live stream with David Heinemeier Hansson today, the recording is now available to watch at

#SmallIsBeautiful #SmallTech

Here's a classic art-video where Pipilotti Rist strolls down the street, humming, cheerfully smashing cars:

Seeing this as a section headline is confusing enough, but it gets more confusing when you see that it's about maps, and still more confusing when you see that it's local to Germany.

You, who email me about my website’s SECURITY WARNING OMG, you think I don’t know that I don’t have a working SSL on there? The site has absolutely nothing on it that would comprise any of your or your dogs info, zero trackers or shit. Your browser is overreacting. If you want to pay the €60 per year my ISP asks for, install a new free cert every 6 month or transfer the site to a new ISP, BE MY GUEST. Might as well just take the whole thing offline 🙄

I hope I can still sleep in my unnecessarily luxurious linen linen ugh what have I done

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Just bought unnecessary luxury goods with my tax return money to boost the economy and now I feel really really bad 😩

Every year the same unsuccessful search if someone finally found a ~current browser that still runs on 10.6.8 :/

@bfdi Wollt ihr in Eurer Bio vielleicht noch mal erwähnen, wie ihr ausgeschrieben heißt? Ich weiß, in ihrer eigenen Bubble denkt man immer, jede kennt die Abkürzung aller Institutionen und vor allem der eigenen.

My whole career happened because of the Wiedervereinigung. West gal studying in the wild East in the early 1990s. Still thankful but also sad what we did not make of it in the last couple of years.

Lass uns über Profs sprechen, die in Hochschulen/Uni-Büros schlafen, sagte sie … 💣🧨💣⚔️🗡🔪🪓🧨💣🔪🗡🔩

So along with being a dangerous nuisance, the rental electric kick scooters are also environmentally disastrous:
"Research shows that they emit 325 g of C02 equivalents per km. In comparison, a bicycle emits 13 g, an electric bicycle 64 g, a bus 131 g and a car 666 g."

"We might also want to think about the fact that while the specialists/professors – those who know about art – are predominantly employed on fixed-term contracts, everyone in the administration is tenured. Thus, the administration becomes the permanent staff who come to represent stability in the schools and, eventually, embody institutional memory too. "

Pretty cutting long read about how art schools in the Nordic countries were rationalized into a hot mess with fancy buildings and endless bureaucracy:

13000 people in dire distress and the rest of the world basically fucked too but happy we finally discovered how to change the font in Slack

My mom made this backside of a camping chair 30 or so years ago. I guess I got that letter bug from her

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