The grabbing hands grab all they can. All for themselves – after all. It’s a competitive world. Everything counts in large amounts

🤩 It’s been almost 22 years since I’ve first read this article* but Gerrit Noordzij is the original shade throwing polemic of type.

Much love for “even van Krimpen was born an illiterate” and “the classification is restricted to type, otherwise the arch of Constantin would also be unified with my typewriter”. 🤩

* Broken Scripts and the Classification of Typefaces

Trans-sans or mod-grot? Can’t decide which is more hideous and incomprehensible

Mann Mann Mann. Travel Agency Sunday featuring Tokyo, Osaka, Porto, Berlin, The Hague, Vienna, Helsinki, in any random attention order 🤪

Ja und weil ihr keine gemacht habt schau ich hier jetzt fucking Fack Ju Goethe 2 ugh

After nine consecutive 10–18 hour days in school, all I want is an evening with bad movies on the couch

shopping for acoustic office partitions and the latest Guided by Voices album at the same time 💅

The most fun as a writer I had in years was when I had @PixelAmbacht comment on my draft 🍷 🤣 🍸

(Just kidding, already solved this with two very filigreed examples even)

Challenge: explain parametric axes in variable fonts in 160 words or less so that a general audience understands it

So gut war’s gestern bei den Jeremy Days in Hamburg! Wer hätte gedacht, dass ich das noch erleben durfte.

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