I’m only looking at email between 10:00 and 18:00 from now on. TOO. MUCH. ALREADY

I’ve written a basic intro on how to read RSS in 2020, with some recommendations for feed readers.

(I started writing this a few weeks ago, but now might just be a great time to curate the news you want, and filter out the needlessly overwhelming stuff.)


When I’m over this cough I will have abs like steal 😭

Bandcamp is giving their share of revenue to artists tomorrow in support of those who are experiencing financial stress due to the pandemic. Please buy music on Bandcamp from bands you love tomorrow, especially the ones who are deeply affected by this – those who have cancelled shows, tours, lost their jobs, etc.

Since this is pretty impossible to do, the only way is to use the lock-down time now to find a vac or some meds that could help people at risk, and allow short-cuts to get them approved. That is a hard decision our governments have to take now, to loosen drug regulations and at the same time take over the risk in case a drug has some side effects they didn’t find during longer testing.

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He says these numbers calculated for UK and US are estimates you have to take with caution but realistic in the end. We’d be pretty doomed if we did nothing beyond basic measures, like UK+NL. We’re also doomed if we lock down countries and then go back to normal after a while. We’d have to alter between times of lock down and times of “normal” for 2 years to keep the numbers in ranges that 🏥 can cope.

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Wer heute raus gehen muss, sollte vielleicht sein Handy zuhause lassen

Jeden Morgen, wenn ich E-Mails und news lese: oh my god, everything goes to shit and implodes!

Jeden Mittag, wenn ich Christian Drosten höre: ah that makes sense, cool cool, alles klar, chill out people

Jeden Abend, wenn nicht nach Ablenkung wieder die Nachrichten des Tages lese: oh my god, everything goes to shit and implodes!

I can't help but notice that I don't hear a whole lot from the anti-vax crowd these days. Wonder why that is.

An app developer who doesn’t want money but suggests a long lists of generally good things to do 🧡
People, use RSS. I recommend the new Net News Wire reader. The phone app is only 7MB and lightening fast and great!

(Also probably the sanest way to keep up with the 🦠 )


Shit at apple devices all you want but at least they are ready for idiot-proof chat and calls out of the box.

I listened to the Expedia waiting music for probably 48 hours in total now

Corona panic: the need to get drunk with Gin and Tonic and anis-fennel tea at the same time

My feeds talk way too little about Babylon Berlin. Why u no watching‽

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