"We might also want to think about the fact that while the specialists/professors – those who know about art – are predominantly employed on fixed-term contracts, everyone in the administration is tenured. Thus, the administration becomes the permanent staff who come to represent stability in the schools and, eventually, embody institutional memory too. "

Pretty cutting long read about how art schools in the Nordic countries were rationalized into a hot mess with fancy buildings and endless bureaucracy:

13000 people in dire distress and the rest of the world basically fucked too but happy we finally discovered how to change the font in Slack

My mom made this backside of a camping chair 30 or so years ago. I guess I got that letter bug from her

My favourite random pastime is searching for “Designer •••” in Craigslist/Marktplaats/Kleinanzeigen. The results are so …! Designer Furniture is the 🙈st.

I see a lot of open source software projects that do not do a good job of describing themselves.

It's okay. There's nothing shameful about that.

Most programmers aren't writers.

Just like most writers aren't programmers.

I can't code to save my life, but I can write some killer copy and content.

Know of any open source projects that need copy written?

I want to contribute.

FREE to a good home:

One stylish but slightly broken Swedish Typewriter. Facit Privat. Perfect for your nordic-noir lifestyle.

Please note, it seems to be mechanically 100% but the type-advance wheel is seized up and I can't sort out how to fix it. You can do what you like with it. Reply if you want it. Pick up in #berlin #kreuzberg .

<These are perfectly good ice cubes left in the glass so why not refill?>

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falls ich das Jahr überlebe dann nur mit 5kg mehr wegen trinken und essen gegen Verzweiflung

US politics 

Harris and Biden will get more votes. But T will ~win the election, just like last time 😭

The trick is to type an answer to a tweet and then delete it. Usually sufficient

It seems surprisingly easy to grow walnut trees out of walnuts. Falls irgendwer einen Walnussbaum möchte, ich habe jetzt aus Versehen drei, und kein Platz.

This “chocolate” is the best thing ever produced under the sun

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