»Gesegnet seien jene, die nichts zu sagen haben und den Mund halten.« (Oscar Wild, zitiert im Vortrag über Axel Bertram)

I'm enjoying mastodontery noticeably more since I got back from #LGM19 and added a bunch more #lgm people to my feed. Artists and designers are a lot less negative than engineers. (Even type designers, who are capable of being a pretty grouchy bunch when left to their devices)

I‘m at one of the 3 or 13 typography conferences that are happening at the same time in the world today. Most certainly the smallest of them (but we have @yanone here and you others do not!)

Die Kevins haun uns raus, die machen alles klar, die bringn ins Kanzleramt einen Superstar m.youtube.com/watch?v=UCfXSCUW

Finally got the invoice for my ambulance ride to the hospital last year: €441
Take that USA

Woa, a Bandcamp record store opened in Oakland! I wish they’d go into less predictable areas but I guess this is where most of the money lives. Hope it won’t change the conditions artists get on their site (if it fails).

“The space features a selection of records that showcase the diversity and design of the more than five million albums available on Bandcamp, and we host free, all-ages shows and events (we’re launching a video series around those performances a little later this year).”

“[podcast episode] on Trump and his family’s relationship with Deutsche Bank, a bank with a history of problems” 😞

The Libre Graphics Meeting group photo is out! Thank you Darix for it.

Jan Yanone Gerner demoing his awesome (!) type.world application for installing and syncing remote fonts at @lgm

This will be huge not only for independent type designers/foundries but also users, especially schools or small teams who can share licenses.

@kupfers In "Cheese, a retrospective", one of the most average practitioners of type, Dennis, shares his thoughts on typography, coffee, the design of sweaters featuring goats in clothes, and of course cheese. It's riveting, it's wacky — it's cheese!

I have no sense of time and space anymore 😵 time to go home

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