… ihr glaubt alle nicht, was ich immer noch für emails und Briefe wegen Klein gegen Groß kriege …

Gimme all of the Babylon Berlin 3 spoilers please because I need to brace myself for what’s to come!

The daylight
Your fair shade
An overcoat of pain

Fucking Ryanair, three times longer with other airlines or a 30+ train and ferry ride? 😭😭😭

One of the most interesting episodes of Planet Money I think: what’s the most useful idea in economics?


I mean just imagine we had more nations with a similarly obscene interventionism 😔

Immer, wenn ich denke, da draußen fliegen tieffliegende Kampfjets, ist es dann doch nur ein anrollender Rollkoffer.

Driving a car throughout the year OR flying three times. Choose one, not both.

Paddington and Paddington 2 are the best, most heartwarming movies I have seen in a very very long time❣️

Today I closed all 48 browser tabs on my phone

On 16 July 2001 I bought a PowerBook G4/400 – 15,2” TFT, 10 GB, 128 MB, 56.6 Modem. It cost 6439,01 DM / €3292,20.

I still have it but the buffer battery is dead for years and it doesn’t start anymore.

I see a lot of people complain about the floppy disk icon for "save", but I've never seen anyone complain about the term "paste"....

I’m awake since 3. This day is not going to end well

I am ready. I would love to attend a big fun type conference. Are there any on right now? Because when they are all happening at the same time in May/June and September I have no time or mind for it at all :/

@PixelAmbacht Is this the moment we have to revive the TypeNederweert idea?

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