Didn’t pay attention to font production tech and variable fonts for a couple of months and immediately feel like not understanding anything anymore 😞

“Platforms *are* societies of intertwined people and machines. There is no such thing as “online life” versus “real life.” We give massive ground if we pretend that these companies are simply having an “effect” or “impact” on some separate society.”


»Wenn man die Fähigkeit besitzt, sehr viel Whisky zu trinken, ohne umzufallen, dann ist man dafür zuständig, dass die anderen, die weniger vertragen, sicher nach Hause kommen.« 💚

Margarete Stokowski, Die letzten Tage des Patriarchats

Gosh all these people solely hanging out on twitter are missing OUT

I get a lot of joy and comfort out of these two songs these days.

Embarrassing fact: I’ve played in a Beatles spoof group in high school, as George Harrison. I can’t get that image out of my head when I listen to them. (< why I otherwise rarely do)

Talked about conferences and my to a POC the other day and he was like WHAT YOU ARE TELLING ME TO NOT FLY BECAUSE YOU GUYS RUINED IT SHUT THE FUCK UP he’s right I guess?

Would this be something for that Twitter platform? 🤔

I’m determined to speak about the imminent and ongoing changes in positive ways now. (Fear doesn’t convince people).

– sun and wind energy is much cheaper than oil and gas!
– organic food tastes better and is cheaper in the long run!
– taking the train over car is freeing you up to read, watch or drink booze!
– not buying more stuff is saving you so much money!
– refilling empty containers is saving you so much money!

(guess in our materialistic society the cost argument is the most efficient)

After a week of enduring TGVs and French train stations Deutsche Bahn is PARADISE! I’ll never say anything bad about them ever again 🙌

: Milch in 0,5 l Pfandflaschen für die nur-im-Kaffee-Trinker

Hei German Typo oder Linguisten *don!

Wo kommt die Regel mit dem »keine Ligatur über Wortfugen« her? Gab’s das schon im Frakturzeitalter? Und warum? Vereinfachung der Aussprache, Trennung, Verständnis, Verwirrung der Schriftsetzer?

I give too much shit about everything, everything.

But isn’t that also what we are here for? Give a damn?

Can the UK not just give northern Irland back to Irland and be done with it

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