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@Typenerd haha I see why one might think that, but they actually have a bluegrass night!

@kupfers Kent is working on a similar thing with a bunch of towns in the area. I’m not sure if Charlemont will be involved in that, but he doesn't live there. This is just two towns north of me...

more ß-talk but it’s lowercase 😄 

hopefully this month’s ß is more generally palatable! Top is my original attempt, bottom is the one that made it into the font (and follows the form used by ATF when Bradley’s german alts were released).

@elih 🙌 awesome! I’m happy to be here! Seems like this error only happens when I do `fontmake -o otf` thing...fdk seems to be valid? Might do a diff later to learn more but now I’m just gonna roll with it 🤞

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