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Here's what I found out (thanks to Windows screenshots from Michelle): faux bolding still shows up in Windows 10 in MS WordPad (and MS Word, etc) for fonts with os2 weight values less than 250.

See screenshots below.

If you are concerned about Windows users using you fonts in MS apps then it appears you still have to avoid os2 weight values below 250 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Live chat with Jon Key and Tré Seals on Diversity & Inclusion via AIGA DC slack: Excellent discussion, and currently open for questions

Also check out the background reading:

Font tech question: I've heard that newer versions of Windows don't have the faux bolding issue with os2 weight values < 250. I know XP still has this issue, not sure about Win 7 or 8. So far I've been unsuccessful at finding the answer via google. Does anyone know offhand in which version this was fixed? 🙏

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Great interview with Shiva Nallaperumal on Designed This Way podcast about learning about type design from Tal Leming, graphic design in the Indian context, naming typefaces, practicing both graphic design and type design, knockoff typefaces and deep discounting, good and bad corporate typefaces, variable fonts, memes…

Many great topics here. Shiva is very smart.

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@kupfers I'm just going to bleet out my stupid thoughts and not care if anyone else thinks they're funny. Just like 2011 twitter.

This is a pop-up for with a sign that says:
“ L E T T E R S ”

I’m not sure about the shoes, but I do like letters.


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