Japan seems to be a place that is not into benches or any kind of public seating option. Because of homeless people? (I haven’t seen one so far). All of palace garden and this large grey, concrete wonderland of ‘urban park’ has no benches. All I found were these monsters. Fiiine, I take ’em.

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Traveling first class on a random JR train because I had no idea how it works 😂😂😂 this trip is going GREAT

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@kupfers I also travelled "Green Car" the first time I ever took the Shinkansen, because I didn't want to wait three hours for an available regular ticket. The Shinkansen is so lovely anyway that I'm not sure what the point of Green Car is!

@chrissam42 Green car was indeed better than the normal car on the Shinkansen. Didn’t make the big difference on the regional train though.

@kupfers well, you know, I’m coming from American trains.

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