Curious, over 100 new followers in one week on Instagram and they are all Italian. I guess they are all bots. Or forced to follow me due to a broken algorithm?
However, THE ITALIAN BOTS sounds like a band name ...

You can tell honeymoon is over when people stop posting pictures of their new lovers on Instagram.

Hahahahahahaha “I could sign them myself!” Hahahahahahaha

I degenerated into an Amoeba from the heat. I go wrlbrblllrbl

I’m reading “die katzenkönigin”, an unpublished long poem, in order to figure out whether we can use parts of the text for a Tom Waits’esk musical storytelling experiment. And now instagram is down and Twitter is not any better. How am I supposed to procrastinate?!

@kupfers I feel like you’re the only one posting and I am the only one liking what you post! Social media like nobody’s watching!

If this was an ancestor of HAL 9000, which one would it be? HAL 6?


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