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13000 people in dire distress and the rest of the world basically fucked too but happy we finally discovered how to change the font in Slack

@kupfers: What about DJ Indra Kupferschmid @testytester ? We want to hear more from her!

Does anybody know what the ☮️ symbol originated from?

Another curious find: the Mixturtrautonium. An early Synthesizer developed in1930 by Friedrich Trautwein. Oskar Sala was one of the very few people who played it.
For example it was used to make the birds noises in Alfred Hitchcock’s Birds! 😲

Random observation: crazy amounts of bird shit.

There is a thing called Carbon Chauvinism. It’s a term that describes the assumption that all life has to be carbon based as narrow minded. We do so, just because we don’t know any other life forms. Or do we know of non-carbon based life forms? I know there are silicon based life forms in Star Trek...
However, I wasn’t aware that it’s an actual ontological subject. Curios.

‪The current death rate is at almost 5%. If only 10% of the world population (~750000000) get it and the death rate stays the same, 37.5 mio people will die.‬
‪But 10% is not realistic and the death rates will go up when the health systems collapse.‬ Italy is at over 10% at the moment.
‪It makes me upset that people ignore the math of it and also the dimension of its horror.‬ it actually makes me so angry that I want to punch someone. But that is not a good idea. And even less so these days...

Curious, over 100 new followers in one week on Instagram and they are all Italian. I guess they are all bots. Or forced to follow me due to a broken algorithm?
However, THE ITALIAN BOTS sounds like a band name ...

You can tell honeymoon is over when people stop posting pictures of their new lovers on Instagram.

Hahahahahahaha “I could sign them myself!” Hahahahahahaha

I degenerated into an Amoeba from the heat. I go wrlbrblllrbl

I’m reading “die katzenkönigin”, an unpublished long poem, in order to figure out whether we can use parts of the text for a Tom Waits’esk musical storytelling experiment. And now instagram is down and Twitter is not any better. How am I supposed to procrastinate?!

@kupfers I feel like you’re the only one posting and I am the only one liking what you post! Social media like nobody’s watching!

If this was an ancestor of HAL 9000, which one would it be? HAL 6?


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