One of the nice aspects of living in a multicultural world is having so many things to celebrate. Happy Year of the Rat!

Happy Three Kings Day to all. I’ve now circled the sun so many times I’m surprised I’m not dizzy. Maybe the coming year be an improvement for each of you.

Most of you have already celebrated it, but Happy New Year’s to all. I hope you awake tomorrow filled with enthusiasm for the future.

I wish you all a happy Feast of the Holy Translators

Morisawa announces Role, a Latin superfamily designed by their team in collaboration with Matthew Carter

Ryoko Nishizuka is working on an intentionally unsettling Mincho with contextual substitutions

Underwater announce a variable font that can express virtually any writing, in live time.

John Maeda makes marketing sound engaging; excited about moving from “design” to “experience”.

Lots of last-minute work to get ATypI conference ready

Got my TDC annual, with cover letter dated two months ago. Worth the wait; a consequence of being out here in the hinterlands I guess.

Staying in cheap motel where they’ve screwed the artwork to the wall, and did it at a 1 degree slant. Trying to not take it personally.

Hey #Seattle-area folks, do you know some good tech companies around here that don't profit off of ads/data collection/etc? I'm job-searching again and it'd be nice to start with places that have values at least somewhat aligned with my own.

Very sad to read that Gerard Unger died Friday. He was a man with tremendous heart, wit, and wisdom. I'm even sorrier now that I didn't go to Antwerp, where I could have seen him one more time.

Bad news: the DIN working group will officially take on type classification (16518) again beginning of 2019 (after we finished type sizes).

Hit me up with your pet peeves and must haves but not too hard please. I have opinionated opinions enough on this topic.

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